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UkrTransAgro, LLC

2, Admiral Lunin Ave., Mariupol, Ukraine, 87510

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The business world is in constant motion: changing customer needs, new competitors, improved technology, and the state often surprises, "rewriting the" rules of the game.

UkrTransAgro, LLC is evolving constantly. We react to the new customers’ needs, to the rise of new competitors and to the advances in technologies. All these changes make us improve incessantly and not to stand still. Over the past two years the Company’s Strategy has been adjusted to strengthen our advantages and benefit from new opportunities in full to solidify our positions in the market. The Company went through a comprehensive rebranding to call attention to its new strategy. We’ve changed everything starting with the design of the logo and the corporate website up to rethinking of the Company’s philosophy. Changes in Company’s philosophy affected many aspects, and in particular, shifted the focus of our activity. We’ve rejected individual ambitions and personal benefits in favor of consolidating the efforts and knowledge of different market players. We believe such integration and collaboration will enhance our Company’s business opportunities and enable a new level of development.

Our strategic vision is directed towards three key targets:



    The Company’s strategy on improvement of management effectiveness is targeted at further automation of internal business processes. We continue the transition to the modern system of management and technological processes by introducing new software 1C 8: Manufacturing Enterprise Management, 1C 8: Grain Elevator, and 1C 8: Queue management, 1C 8: Maintenance and repair. We support the continuous improvement culture. Our team seeks to achieve a high level of efficiency at all levels of the organization. This task implies the fundamental development of Company’s corporate standards in direction of implementation of continuous improvement culture based on the philosophy of constant improvement process.


    UkrTransAgro seeks to increase its advantages for Clients. The Company plans to enlarge the range of services that will help to capture the major part of the market.
    These services are:
    - forwarding activity
    - trading activity
    - logistic activity To date, the Company has performed the following work in forwarding and trading directions:
    - the Strategy for forwarding services market entrance was prepared;
    - the logistics company UTA Logistic, LLC was incorporated;
    - the new model of the vehicles accumulation area for queue management was elaborated and implemented that allowed to increase the number of accepted vehicles


    We continue investing in modern production facilities and equipment to maintain the status of leading player. The Strategy is aimed at providing the necessary facilities for the diversification of the transshipment and maintenance of reliable trouble-free operation.